Addi Somekh, Artist/Entrepreneur

When I was 13 years old I experienced an unfortunate incident that I was never able to forget.  In fact, it created a thought loop in my head that I would hear over and over again, well into my adult life, which created much tension and anxiety.  Though I was able to diagnosis the origin and behavior though traditional therapy, the loop was ingrained in my psyche and no matter how much I tried, I was unable to remove it.

After speaking to Jim Borrelli about the mechanics of conscious thought and the role of the subconscious in our daily lives, as well as the history of therapeutic hypnosis, I decided to give it a try.  After three sessions, I now feel like I let go of a giant suitcase full of bricks that I have been carrying around for years and literally feel liberated.

Jim Borrelli is a professional and compassionate practitioner of this powerful art and science.

G.R., Business Owner

Dear Mr. Borrelli,

I was a die-hard one-pack-a-day smoker for 25 years.  I tried to quit several times.  I tried the patch and the gum on more than one occasion.   I tried cold turkey.   Each time I attempted to quit the stress I went through trying not to smoke was unbearable.  After each failed attempt to quit, I reluctantly inched my way back to a-pack-a-day.  I finally resigned that I would never, could never quit – ‘forget it’ was my resolution.

I had tried hypnosis from someone before and it didn’t work for even 24 hours so I was hesitant.  You explained to me that your method was showing very surprising results.  You convinced me I could succeed and become a non-smoker with your method.  I said, ‘let’s try it.’

I have not had a cigarette for six months.  That’s 180 easy days.  When it was time to stop smoking in the program I NEVER experienced the withdrawal like before with gum or patches or cold turkey.  I didn’t feel a thing.  The withdrawal was painless.  Your program actually worked and is working.  Your program saved my life.

Thank you so much for making this available to people like me.  As of today 3,600 cigarettes that I would have smoked never caught fire and I have saved $1,080 on the natural organic packs I would have purchased.

I feel so amazing to sit and have dinner or coffee with friends and not have to get up every 45 minutes to go fix on nicotine, or excuse myself to find the alley to puff away.  I feel so proud of myself that I smell good all day.  I have restored vitality and enthusiasm to participate in my life again.  Thank you!

Jacky Lynch, Marketing Executive

“I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis a long time ago, but since I’ve been practicing hypnotherapy with Jim, the changes in my life have been incredible on many levels.  Just recently he helped me through what was for me a fearful dental issue.  I was having difficulty with an infected molar.  There was no way to tell how deep or how far the infection was and it was suggested to me by an expert in oral surgery that the tooth be extracted rather than a root canal.  I knew it had to be done but I was very scared.  On the day before my surgery, I went to see Jim for a session to get rid of any fears I had about the procedure and the possibility of complications.  The result was that the morning I went in for the surgery I had NO FEAR at all and in fact it went so smoothly that it was over within one hour.  My dentist told me when I woke up from the surgery that I did exceptionally well and that he was amazed how calm and collected I was.  I rested comfortably the rest of the day.  The best is that in recovery I’ve NOT had to take any painkillers.   I contribute the grace and ease of this entire procedure to the surgical preparation session with Jim the day before.  I cannot thank you enough, Jim, for how well I’ve been doing and how fearless I have become!  Jim, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

Charles Eckert, International Freelance Photojournalist

“Hypnosis over the phone?  I didn’t know anything like this existed.  Fortunately, it does! As a professional photojournalist, the line between a good photograph and a mediocre photograph, can be less than a millisecond. For months, I was always milliseconds behind, that was, until I had my first phone based hypnosis session with James Borrelli. Immediately after the session I felt my stress level had diminished, but the true test was soon to come. Jim created an audio file of our session and recommended I listen to it daily. Within a week, the effect of the hypnosis was evident, my pictures were clearly better and I was no longer missing those decisive moments. Without a doubt, Mr. Borrelli’s hypnosis has enabled me to reach a higher level of performance as a photojournalist.”

Doris Fetterman, Writer

Dear Jim,

I have been listening to the cd recording of our session you made for me every night and I cannot believe the changes happening in my life.  I have discovered so much about myself and what I need/want in my future.

I came to you with fears about taking a new corporate job involving constant traveling.  But now I have decided to pursue a whole new path.  I realize that I am a simple person who wants to derive my income from my creative efforts.  My entire adult life has been spent doing all kinds of business/sales things, always going for the big hit, swinging for the fence, trying to make the big $$$ but being miserable doing them (and never really getting there!)  I realize it’s all been because I did what I learned as a kid, what most of my family still does today… but I always ignored the true me and what I really want.

I have now taken a part time job and will do what it takes to get by while I work on my goals now, not anyone else’s.  And my goals are to 1) fill my days with things I enjoy, 2) make sure I am calm and not stressed, and, 3) build a new foundation for the future, so in five years, I have a life filled with being paid for my creativity vs. a “career.”

This is a HUGE decision and I swear to you, I haven’t felt this good or sure about anything in years. (ever?)

I have passed on your information to a few other people as I share all my breakthroughs with them.

At some point, I will come back and we’ll update the cd, but for now, I still hear something new each time I listen, which is crazy since it’s the same 20 minutes each time.

Thanks so much!!!!

M.H., Composer/Musician


The last session with you has already begun to take form!  AMAZING! Really amazing how quickly things manifest.  AWESOME!!!!  This works!!!  You gotta hear the new music, man!  It’s rockin’ with a lot of heart…. The exact desired destination we worked on!!  GOT THE HOLY GHOST IN ME!  Yeehaw!!!! It feels good to be feeling so good and alive!!

R.T., Software Engineering Manager

“Jim Borrelli has helped me through the most transformational year of my life.  Using hypnosis and his amazing insight into human nature, Jim has allowed me to gracefully come to peace with the death of an immediate family member, advance my professional career to a higher level, quit smoking, and remain a permanent ex-smoker even after a very emotional end to a long-term relationship.  He was even willing to help out by providing sessions over the telephone when I was out of town.

The ease with which I quit smoking after an uncountable number of attempts was incredible.  I never thought that two hypnosis sessions and listening to a CD for three weeks could have such efficacy.  During the process of quitting, the cravings I suffered were minor and Jim gave me techniques that provided immediate relief to the discomfort of withdrawal.  I cannot imagine that there is a more effective, less invasive technique for overcoming such a powerful addiction.

As a software engineer I have an appreciation of how hypnosis replaces “bad programming” patterns of thought into positive changes. Without the direct approach of hypnosis combined with Jim’s professionalism, I believe it would have taken years to achieve what I have done in just a few months.  I have (and continue to) recommended Jim’s services to many of my friends because I believe hypnosis to be the most effective method of change available.”

J.L., Attorney at Law

Dear Everyone;

Jim is phenomenal.  He changes lives.  I worked with him to calm my mind and to deal with the anticipated pain of an experimental shoulder procedure I had scheduled.  I had a few sessions with Jim and listened to his tape every day leading up to the surgery.  But on the scheduled day, the anesthesiologist refused to administer to me because I had eaten too close to the operation time.

My doctor wanted to reschedule for a day when he could put me completely under.  It was critical, he said, that I did not move while he did the injection.  This procedure was apparently so painful that even patients who have general anesthesia still twitch and move when the needle pierces their injury.  On the pain scale of 1 to 10, he said this was a 15.  But because of the hypnosis work I had done with Jim, I felt ready.  I insisted that we go forward.

With Jim’s inspirational words echoing in my head, I found myself reassuring my doctor that it would be fine.  When the doctor began working, I looked away.  After twenty minutes, I realized he was cleaning up.  I looked over at him and he said it was all done.  I did not feel a thing.  Zero pain.  It was astounding.  The doctor was amazed.  He concluded that I must have an extremely strong tolerance to pain.  But no, I told him—I had Jim Borrelli.

After the success with the pain management, I asked Jim if he could help me with insomnia. Turns out, this is another area in which he has great success.  I did one session and went home with my sleep tape.  I would listen to it while in bed, ready to go to sleep.   Usually the tape would knock me out after about ten minutes.  Which was great, but I found that I still would wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to go back to sleep.

Jim suggested that I listen to the tape again when I wake up.  I started doing that and it worked.  When I woke up at 2 am, I’d roll over and hit play on my iPod.  Then after a few weeks of that, I noticed that I was no longer waking up in the middle of the night.  I was actually sleeping through.  Now, I still use the tape when I get into bed.  I don’t really need it, but I find it soothing.  After about five minutes, I am out cold. I wake up after a full night’s sleep. Amazing.

M.T., Public Relations Consultant

“I was an emotional eater. When stress hit, whether it was good or bad, I would eat to either calm myself down or reward myself for something. I learned this at an expensive emotional eating program, which offered weeks of therapy sessions on ways to stop it. The “tips” they recommended to stop emotional eating did not work. I then spent more money than I’d like to admit on various other programs, diets, books, products, acupuncture and other treatments, all to no avail. Two sessions with Jim reduced my emotional eating by a whopping 85%.  It was instant and easy. No affirmations or snapping a rubber band on my wrist. We talked, he took notes and then I relaxed as he spoke to me. I had never been hypnotized before and didn’t know if I believed in it. I do now. He made a tape of the session and instructed me to play it at home. It was very relaxing. I dropped 4 lbs in one week. We later worked on people who created stress in my life, which led to emotional eating. Again, after one session, I became “impervious” to these people.  Later, when I was out of town we did other sessions on the phone that were also easy and effective.  Jim is very professional and no nonsense. He really wants to see his clients improve. I would highly recommend him.”

Jim Ehmke, Certified Nutritionist

Hi Jim,

I wanted to thank you for the excellent results I have experienced.  Since our first hypnosis session I no longer crave or even think about coffee.  It’s quite remarkable to walk into the kitchen every morning and never even think about it.  As you know, it wasn’t that I was drinking large amounts, but the addiction to want it every morning even though it had negative effects in my body was virtually impossible for me to break.  It’s now a non-issue and has been since our session several months ago.

Also, our second session resulted in a more efficient handling of my work load.  Historically I had the tendency to procrastinate writing programs until a more “convenient time” even though I knew that “do it now” is the best approach.  Naturally, this resulted in a backlog of programs that needed to be written.  In a crazy self-defeating way I was creating a completely unnecessary problem in a job I love.  Go figure.  Anyway, since our second session I have been completely current.  In general, I am very pleased and pretty impressed that all of this was done over the phone.  Thanks again.